and Bling for All.....
We started out making Blinged out t-shirts, but realized it did not have to stop there! We can bling
so many different things now!
Leather bracelets
Window/Car decals
Spirit Gear
and so much more!
How do we do it? This is not the same process you see at the chain stores showing that you can
‘do it yourself’. No, these items have the rhinestones applied and are then placed in a special
press, which applies the right amount of heat and the right amount of pressure. This makes sure
the rhinestones stay exactly where we put them and they adhear much better than the DIY
Who is bling for? Just about everyone. Bling is for anyone twelve years and older. We would hate to scratch kiddos delicate skin or have
them swallow one if something happened to the rhinestone.
Why do we do it? Because, who wants to wear what everyone else has on? You can make a one of a kind item or an item that just your
group has. Stand out.....Make a statement....And BLING IT UP!
My Hometown Bling is a part of RBR Designs